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Origin & History

    Green Land Convent School, Civil City – marching towards the heights of success, the sister concern of Green Land Sr. Sec. Public School, Jal. Bye Pass, Ludhiana is run under the aegis of Sant Kirpal Vidyak Mission (Regd.) and was established on 13th April, 2006. It was the dream of our Founder President Late Sh. Ram Labhaya Rudhra to establish a corruption free school where children are not cheated. His son Sh. Rajesh Rudhra, the Chairman-cum-Director of Chain of Green Land Schools, carried forward his dream and due to his unprecedented efforts today, this school is known for its unique culture and value oriented education in the city. Under this system children are reared and cared with utmost attention to grow up to be an asset to serve the mankind and nation. Students have nothing in the name of homework, so once they get home they are free to pursue their hobbies and have a stress free mind. The school has banned tuitions which encourage only the mercenary attitude amongst the teachers. Moreover, it is very useful for those parents who cannot afford private tuition fee.

    The school aims to mould all round personality of the students not only through academics but also by organising an array of co-curricular activities that provide ample opportunities for the students to grow and gain confidence to face changing values and worldly challenges in the national and international life. Sports are encouraged for building sound health and good physique, self-discipline, spirit of co-operation, leadership and development of character. The Chain of Green Land Schools has also attained international status with affiliation with different boards and universities of UK, Australia and Canada. In short, the motive of education in the school is not merely to train the students to read and write instead it is to equip them to conquer all battle fronts in life and emerge victorious.

    Sh. Rajesh Rudhra is the torch bearer and his tireless efforts have helped us to attain success in every field. Following the footsteps of his father, the President Mr. Shabad Rudhra is also selflessly associated with the school and working with commitment. Mrs. Usha Rudhra, the General Secretary of the school has always been a great pillar of support for the administration and the teaching faculty. Mrs. Vijayata Rudhra, topper in M.A. English from Panjab University joined the Green Land family in 2007 and since then she has been working for the progress of the school with dedication.

    Mrs. Baldeep Pandher, the Principal of Green Land Sr. Sec. Public School, Jal. Bye Pass has done a commendable work for the progress of the school and has been the part of Green Land family since 1997. Mrs. Vinita Sanan, the Principal Green Land Convent School, Chd. Road is the oldest staff member and her role in the growth of Green Land is extremely admirable. The Principal of the school, Mrs. Jyoti Pujara is a well read person possessing exceptional administrative skills. She is working hard to provide quality education under the able guidance of Sh. Rajesh Rudhra. The Principals of other branches Mrs. Jatinder Gupta and Mrs. Rajni Narad have also played a vital role in the development of the school. The teachers in the school are well-qualified, sincere and hard-working.

    Green Land Convent School owes its success to the blessings of Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj and our honorable Chairman of the school Sh. Rajesh Rudhra whose strength is rooted in Guru Maharaj. We also owe a great deal to all the staff members, patrons and well wishers who always supported us whole heartedly.

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Dear Parents, Some parents were giving us calls for depositing fee as online study is going on. They were asking for the link from the class teachers as they were interested in depositing the fee. So we sent link through the message for the interested parents only. Kindly don't misunderstand. The school management is not compelling anyone to pay right now. They can deposit at their own. Your co-operation is solicited. Principal

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